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Chúc mừng sinh viên Tôn nữ Khánh Quỳnh có bài báo khoa học được chấp nhận đăng tại Hội nghị Khoa học KSE 2023

Bài báo: “Comprehensive System for Facilitating Professional Growth by Linking Mentees and Mentors in Information Technology”

Sinh viên thực hiện: Tôn Nữ Khánh Quỳnh – PMCL2019.1

Giảng viên hướng dẫn: 

ThS. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Trúc

TS. Nguyễn Hà Giang

Tóm tắt bài báo:

This paper is motivated by the need to address the limitations inherent in traditional mentoring programs, with a specific focus on the Information Technology (IT) sector. Current programs, characterized by a one-size-fits-all model, fail to adequately meet the distinct requirements of individual mentees, resulting in missed opportunities for personal and professional growth. Consequently, college students, especially those facing socioeconomic disadvantages, encounter challenges accessing high-quality mentoring, consequently impacting their academic performance. Furthermore, aspiring software developers face difficulties in identifying mentors with the specific expertise required to navigate the intricate software development landscape. The primary objective of this paper is to introduce a comprehensive mentoring system tailored to address these challenges and cultivate effective mentor-mentee interactions. This system is underpinned by advanced technologies and cutting-edge methodologies, resulting in a secure, efficient, and real-time mentoring platform that aims to enhance the mentorship experience within the Information Technology field. The paper's distinctive contribution lies in its innovative solution, which provides a tailored, all-encompassing, and technologically sophisticated platform. This platform effectively bridges the gap between mentors and mentees, fostering a supportive and conducive learning environment while addressing the unique needs of the IT industry.

"Học viên xin gửi lời cảm ơn sâu sắc nhất đến Cô Nguyễn Thị Thanh Trúc và Thầy Nguyễn Hà Giang đã đồng hành và chia sẻ những kiến thức cũng như những kinh nghiệm quý báu trong quá trình thực hiện bài báo"

The 15th International Scientific Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE) is scheduled to be held from October 18 to 20, 2023 at the Academy Of Cryptography Techniques, Vietnam Information Security Commission. The conference is an opportunity for scientists to present and discuss the latest research, development and application results in the field of Knowledge and Systems Engineering - an important field of the Information Technology industry.

KSE Conference 2023 is one of three highly prestigious seminars in the Information Technology industry held annually in Vietnam and a number of countries around the world, attracting special attention from researchers. research in the field of Knowledge and Systems Engineering. The main goal of KSE is to bring together experts, practitioners and students not only to share and exchange research results and practical applications, but also to promote cooperation in the field.

This year, the KSE Conference was jointly organized by the Academy of Cryptography Engineering, the University of Technology - Vietnam National University, Hanoi, the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and the Faculty Club - School - Institute of Technology. Vietnam Information and Communication Technology with scientists from domestic and foreign research institutes and universities. This year's topics of the conference are all  top of interest today  such as: Cloud computing; Cryptography and Network Security; Systems engineering; Software engineering; Internet of Things; Image processing and pattern recognition; Machine learning theory and applications; Data Science and Knowledge Engineering;…Accepted articles will be selected for publication in journals with high rankings in ISI/SCOPUS, Journal of Science and Technology in the field of Information Security (ISSN index 2615 – 9570). Proceedings of the Conference will be published on IEEE Explore - a highly reputable electronic library system, widely referenced and cited in research in the fields of Electronic Technology and Information Technology.

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